Spring 2016 Team

Information about the Spring 2015 team will go here

Task Members Notes
Payload Integration (include Garmin tracker(s)). (responsible for integrating all items “hanging from the balloon,” i.e., any item, including clips and strings, not physically touching the latex of the balloon.)  Rope on tethered test day. BaileyBalbachWhite


Tying, knotting, taping up pods, clipping stringed pods together, pod construction/modificationWeigh stack from parachute on down; complete as much as possible day before launch, configure and track Garmin trackers (including practice)
Launch Processing (responsible for anything that touches the latex of the balloon + lift measurement) BaileyHassmanHolland Tarp layout, balloon filling, lift measurement, balloon tie-off,Inserting floater valve
Cameras, Two Contours + Sony BuddemeyerLoveridge Proper operation of cameras (online), batteries charged, cleared memory, Camera functions/options fully learned
Live Video Feed from Balloon BuddemeyerLoveridge Configure video system and antennas to obtain live video in flight
Website Choate, Siepierski www.usinearspace.com
Flight Trajectory PredictionWed, Thurs, Friday before flight and ;Practice during two months prior BlandElpers Use ASTRA (CUSF & Iowa State? as backups), Jerry Gable site may work for floater predict, weather, both practice each week
Launch Site Selection calling and confirming launch sites, Wed, Thurs. Fri before launchChoose launch site: flt day a.m. BlandElpers Maximize chance of landing in prime landing area. All contact info for launch sites, practice each week, maps, contact FAA
Temperature Measurement HassmanHollandPerkins Outside and inside balloon wake measured with highest possible accuracy.  Results graphed
Command Pod, TU-401 (= aprs = automatic packet reporting system) pod, Launch van antenna & laptops, Suburban antenna & laptop (including power management of all connected devices in van/Suburban) BuddemeyerChoateLoveridge



All components need to be in hand by September 10; shown to work simultaneously by September 17; (recommendations can be made for laptop replacements),  wifi hotspots (second vehicle?)
Recovery Options BalbachBlandElpers Be prepared for water, tree or thicket landings and lack of cell phone coverage; maps
Live launch feed BalbachWilliams For tethered test, launch, flight, recovery
Floater valve Loveridge, Siepierski For HAB-19
CubeSat prototype SiepierskiMcCordWhite Develop a CubeSat prototype with prototype processor  + thermal sensors, solar cells?