Spring 2014 Team

HAB 13 (4/5/2014):
– Release a sphere with a tracking device and parachute at 90,000 feet.
– Collect precise interior and exterior temperature data.
– Collect precise pressure data.
– Capture HD video footage.
– Track and recover all balloon pods and the release sphere.

HAB 14 (4/5/2014):
– Release glider (complete with APRS tracker and video camera) at >90,000 ft (WORLD RECORD).
– Track and recover glider and release pod.


Payload Integration
Ethan Jacob, Lead
Tyler Banschbach
Danielle Eckert
Craig Roberts

Launch Processing
Nick Schwenk, Lead
Derek Woods

John Siepierski, Lead
John Sawa

Website / Live Launch Feed
John Siepierski, Lead

Flight Trajectory Prediction
Danielle Eckert, Lead
Craig Roberts

Temperature Measurement
Derek Woods, Lead
John Siepierski

Launch Site Selection
Craig Roberts, Lead
Danielle Eckert

Sphere, sphere parachute and Garmin tracker
Tyler Banschbach, Lead
Tyler Brames

Sphere Release Mechanism
Tanner Hayes, Lead
Aaron Williams
Derek Woods

Command Pod, TU-401, Antennas, Recovery Equipment Power Management
John Sawa, Lead
Aaron Williams
Logan Turner
John Siepierski
Tyler Banschbach

Recovery Options
Logan Turner, Lead
Nick Schwenk
Derek Woods

Mission Control Room
Tyler Brames, Lead
BE student volunteer