Fall 2014 Team

HAB 15 (10/25/2014):
– Measure the temperature of the air inside and outside of the thermal wake of the balloon.
– Broadcast live throughout entire flight day.
– Capture HD video footage.
– Track and recover all balloon pods.

HAB 16 (10/25/2014):
Carrying two research payloads developed independently from High Altitude Balloon Team
1) Prototype active altitude control vent.
2) High altitude glider equipped with live camera.


Left to Right:
Craig Roberts, Danielle Eckert, Andrew Wallace, Brent Webster, Travis Ditch, Jordan Fuhs, Dilan Arnold, Vincent Brooks, Nick Johnson, Nick Mathis, Dylan Virzina, & Aaron Calvert

Payload Integration:

Craig Roberts (LEAD)
Danielle Eckert
Brent Webster
Andrew Wallace

Launch Processing:

Dilan Arnold (LEAD)
Travis Ditch


Vincent Brooks (LEAD)
Dylan Vrzina


Danielle Eckert (LEAD)
Andrew Wallace

Flight Trajectory Prediction:

Brent Webster (LEAD)
Andrew Wallace

Launch Site Selection:

Andrew Wallace (LEAD)
Brent Webster

Temperature Measurement:

Nick Johnson (LEAD)
Travis Ditch
Aaron Calvert

Command Pod, TU-401, Antennas, Recovery Equipment Power Management:

Dylan Vrzina (LEAD)
Craig Roberts
Danielle Eckert
Nick Mathis

Recovery Options:

Jordan Fuhs (LEAD)
Nick Johnson
Dilan Arnold

Mission Control:

Nick Mathis (LEAD)
Craig Roberts
USI Volunteers

Live Launch Feed:

Aaron Calvert (LEAD)

Team Member Profiles

Nick Johnson – Senior in Mechanical Engineering. Interests in Outdoor and other sporting fields.

Dylan Vrzina- Senior Engineering Student with a Mechanical emphasis. I am also pursing a minor in mathematics, and my interest is in automotive.

Nick Mathis – A senior in mechanical engineering, with interests in fluid/thermal systems and sustainable design.

Dilan Arnold – A senior engineering student here at USI. I attended Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City Indiana. My emphasis within a Bachelors of Science in Engineering is mechanical with a graduation date of May, 2015. My interests in this field are fluvial engineering, mechanical design and energy systems.

Vincent Brooks – A senior at USI majoring in mechanical engineering, and has special interest in aerospace and automotives.

Brent Webster – A fifth year senior with an emphasis in mechanical engineering. I enjoy just about any sports, and spend a lot of my spare time in the outdoors (hiking, fishing, & camping).

Aaron Calvert – A senior graduating Spring 2015, with a mechanical emphasis engineering degree. I hope to go into power production when I graduate. I enjoy reading High Fantasy and enjoy playing video games in my down time.

Jordan Fuhs – A senior in mechanical engineering, with interests of racing dirt bikes, lifting weights, and farming.

Travis Ditch – A senior in mechanical engineering, graduating in Spring 2015. Plan to work for Duke Energy upon graduation. Hobbies include: racing dirt bikes, hunting/fishing, playing the drums.

Danielle Eckert – A mechanical engineering student who will graduate in Spring 2015. My hobbies include basketball, video games, exercising, & relaxing with friends.

Andrew Wallace – A mechanical engineering with emphasis in Fluid Thermal & Machine Design. Interests include whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, & cramming for tests.

Craig Roberts – A senior in mechanical engineering, will graduate in Spring 2015. My interest include Strengths of Materials, Machine Design, & Project Management. Hobbies include reading, video games, and exercise.