Fall 2015 Team Info

Zach Blaszczyk – I’m a senior mechanical engineer at USI. I like to build stuff.  I like to lift heavy weights up and the put them down. I also like to still life, fantasy, and doodle drawings.

Paul Elpers- Senior Engineering Student with a Mechanical emphasis. Interests in soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Table Tennis, and Badminton.

Matt Snyder – A senior in mechanical engineering, I like cars, cats, MMOs, and MMORPGs. I also i dabble in guitars.

Clint Barger – A senior student here at USI studying mechanical engineering. A member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity with interests in physical fitness, golf, and participating in college/community events.

Drew Harkness- A senior in mechanical engineering. I enjoy bass fishing, bowhunting, and watching football.

Josh Guy- I’m a senior in mechanical engineering. I run cross country and track at USI and also enjoy fishing and boating.

Jordan Sudduth – A senior mechanical engineering student. I enjoy golfing, table tennis, swimming, and cars. Cooking is one of my specialties.


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